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Lonnie bissonnette

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Simon Wride
   I bought a large, and  I am a normal med/large in sizing,  It does fit comfortable.
When you order,  If you want a comfort fit' not clingy'  order your normal size!
Vincent Yumang Cezar
   Great shirt, fits well.  I bought 4
Wiem Kammoun
   This mic is really good. I bought it for my 2yr old and works fab. Sound is loud and clear
Aayako Shrestha Shah
   I'm 5 2" with a small waist but lots of butt and hips so I got the medium. I wanted something that wasn't too tight or kept riding up. It fits perfectly. The only thing that bothers me about it is that it has no pockets but I should have checked first.
I didn't think of it until I tried to slide my phone in and it almost fell. If you're looking for comfort though, this is it.
Doran Jurca
   These were replacement for another pair of ECCO shoes where the the cushion system in the heels failed.

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